Say Goodbye To Dental Anxiety With Complimentary Laughing Gas Sedation!

Dr. Sonja Ellis

Dr. Sonja Ellis, DDS, MS
As a child, I spent many years in braces and headgear. I always felt like an ugly duckling until one day, I got my braces off, and my childhood crush said to me, "I always knew you were pretty."

My smile transformed and impacted me, so I decided to become a dentist, so I, too, can transform smiles and change lives. I graduated from UT Austin with an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry. I then completed an MS in Biomedical Sciences from UNTHSC in Fort Worth. Finally, my dental school led me to Los Angeles and The University of Southern California. Upon graduation, I was officially sworn in as a Captain in the US Army and served four years as General and Forensic Dentist at Fort Hood, TX.

And just like that, full circle, I was back in Austin, this time as a dentist. I dreamt of having an office where no one would be scared of going to the dentist. I wanted it to feel more like a visit with a friend and something to look forward to. This is why we offer complimentary laughing gas and even have our resident doggo, Beau, to provide comfort and snuggles.

Welcome to Comfydent Smiles. I can't wait to meet you!
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