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AMAZING service! Very thorough and made me feel completely comfortable and welcomed! Dr. Babic and her staff treated me as if I were family! Definitely coming back! Great membership plan that really benefits my uninsured family! Gorgeous office and top notch amenities! Made this tired mom feel like I was at a spa day instead of a dental appointment!

Nina Delgado

Dr. Babic and staff are amazing! The office is state of the art, beautiful, and clean. Dr. Babic has some of the best bedside manners- she is friendly, knowledgable and explains your treatment plan. In the past, I have felt like dentists have recommended unnecessary treatments, but I do NOT feel like this after my appointment at Comfydent. I highly recommend this office!

Amber Dittoe

I am a dentist, and Dr. Babic is my dentist. So, I suppose you can call her the dentist’s dentist. I know a lot of dentists, especially in Austin and its suburbs, but I go to her office for the following reasons:

1. Her office is brand spanking new, and everything there is so esthetically pleasing and nice. The ambience of the office is very comforting; it kinda feels like a spa. The name of the office is totally fitting.
2. Dr. Babic is one of the biggest dental nerds I know. She dedicates much of her time reading and learning anything related to dentistry. I go to a lot of lectures and courses myself, and I see Dr. Babic literally everywhere! You definitely want to be treated by someone who is passionate about what he/she does. She knows a lot, and she does great work. I wouldn’t entrust my oral health to her otherwise.
3. Last but not least, Dr. Babic is a caring person. That’s her personality. She will spend time to build rapport with you and check on you to make sure you’re well taken care of.

Austin has become a highly competitive dental market, and there are a lot of talented dentists. However, Dr. Sonja Babic is my dentist and will be my dentist for years to come.

Sungjoon Koo

STOP LOOKING FOR ANOTHER DENTIST!!!! Dr. Sonja Babic is the first and last dentist you and your family needs. I have been going to her for years, and now that she has her own practice, her attention to giving immaculate care is even stronger. Her willingness to work with you and her honesty will not have you questioning to receive another opinion, but rather leave you feeling confident you have received the best care for the best price. Dr. Babic’s promotes integrity in her practice which is always a concern when entering a dental office; are we being “swindled” or will something else be wrong next week, which is why so many of us put off going to the dentist. Another concern is something I call “dental anxiety.” Comfydent smiles has the latest high-tech dental equipment, ranging from massage chairs to TVs on the ceiling, leaving you feeling relaxed like a dental spa. I had put off going to the dentist for years because of economic pressures and not being concerned about this part of my health. Now seeing Dr. Babic, I have been able to incorporate this part of health practices into my annual regimen , feeling confident in my wallet and with my smile. Thank you Dr. Babic and Team and thank you Comfydent Smiles!

Hannah Robinson

Dr. Babic is a top level DDS, MS, BS with a patriotic fervor (no wonder, Veteran of US Army Dental Corp) that precludes her superior Dental skills.

I let my teeth go over the past 20 years. I am a member of a US Navy family so whenever possible I seek out professionals that are also Vets. This is what brought my family in touch with the COMFYDENT family. The COMFYDENT office is high tech, relaxing and ultra modern. Back to my bad chomped…Dr. Babic and I discussed at length what needed to be done to make a “handsome, healthy smile”. At no time was she rushing or inconsiderate of my needs. This was the best dental experience I have ever been involved with.

Thank You Dr. Babic! I have found my new dental HOME!

James Fenno

For the longest time, dentist was a synonym of anxiety for me. I disliked getting my teeth cleaned and always hoped I had no cavities to avoid all kinds of dental work. After meeting with Dr Babic, she completely changed the way I feel about coming to the dentist. For starters her chairs offer massages, you can watch tv while she attends to your dental needs AND before doing anything, she thoroughly explains what the plan is and makes you feel involved throughout the whole process. She earned my trust from the second I walked into her office and my anxiety slowly disappeared. Her attention to detail completely amazed me, she even put on lip balm while she was doing one of my fillings because she noticed my lips were getting dry, whoa!! Have you ever had a dentist actually do that? I certainly hadn’t. Stop wasting your time searching for your next dentist, just do yourself a favor and go to Dr Babic!

Clarissa Calderon

Going to the dentist is not usually a pleasant experience. But Dr. Babic and her team have taken dental care above and beyond. 

It started when I happened upon Comfydent one day. I went into their office to get some more information. I had been looking around Austin for an affordable dentist that felt right for a while, and the process was daunting. As soon as I walked in, the warmth of both the doctors made me feel at home and at ease. I don’t have health insurance so trying to find affordable health care always makes me nervous. They have a very reasonable plan to help people like me!

Even though I needed some extensive work, which was not fun, my experience here was better than any dentist I have seen. They do everything possible to make you feel comfy and confident.  They even helped me get the Invisalign process started! 

They are both charming and professional and have exceeded my expectations of what dental professionals could do. 


Becca Fitzgerald

I got my first ever root canal today and it genuinely was such a great part of my day!! SERIOUSLY! Now, dental offices/ treatments have never bothered me, but I truly believe that both Dr Babic and the staff could totally help to ease anyone’s fears. They’re so great!! I was referred to Dr Babic by a friend and I was able to get in that same day as an emergency work in appointment. I was experiencing a LOT of pain from what I thought was just me needing a bite adjustment, but my X-ray proved to be more. Turns out I needed a root canal, and without hesitation, they worked me in to the schedule with no problem! Dr Babic and the staff members are so patient, they explained everything thoroughly, happily answered all of my questions, they did everything to help me feel relaxed and comfortable whilst getting treatment, and to top it off, they’re really fun/ funny! I was literally singing while getting a root canal, and they were right there with me. The office itself is beautiful, as well as very clean and orderly, they have state of the art technology (the conebeam X-ray was really cool!), your choice of tv (on the ceiling) or music while getting treatment, attentive team members, complimentary beverages, and they are very reasonably priced! Best of all, my pain was completely gone afterwards! I’m so grateful to have met Dr Babic today, and I am actually looking forward to going back to complete the root canal! I HIGHLY recommend this office! Five stars all around!

Ashley Ball

I cannot speak more highly of the professionalism, honesty, technical attention to detail and characters of Dr Babic and Ashley.  Yes they have all the newest in cutting edge technologies, imaging and services to make the experience as painless and enjoyable as possible…but many of the bling bling dentists in Austin who just want your money without the technical or professional expertise also offer that.  But what makes Dr Babic exceptional is her willingness to to walk through the really hard procedures with you when other Dentists only want to charge high fees for really basic procedures.  In short, they were able to save an upper 2nd molar weeks before it would have died when other dentists were unable or unwilling to do the procedure without surgery.  Their work was immaculate.  Bedside manner lovely.  They just earned all my families long-term business.  And yes, thank you for all your service to our country as well!!!! God bless!


I had a dental cosmetic emergency Friday afternoon  & was heading out of the country for work.  I called my usual dentist, but they never returned my call. I had heard good reviews about Comfydent Smiles & gave them a call.  Without hesitation Rachel got me in to see Dr Babic.   Wow.  What wonderful, professional & friendly service!   My cosmetic emergency was fixed within an hour.  Looks better then the original!   I also love the fresh, new , private  rooms rather then the open “Assembly Line Rooms” at my previous dentist.  Did I mention the “Massaging Dental Chair?” Awesome…   

I really enjoyed my experience with Comfydent Smiles, Dr Sonja Babic & the team   Needless to say, Comfydent Smiles & Dr. Babic is my new dentist.

B Brown

Had another great visit at Comfydent Smile. My husband is a big baby when it comes to going to the dentist. Sonja and her staff were absolutely awesome. My husband I highly recomend Sonja and her team. They really know how to take care of people. Confydent Smile is the only place my husband and I will go to for now on. Sonja has the best and state or the art equipment. Please come and check it out. Sonja will make you want to come back to the dentist.

Lejla Hickingbottom

I cannot say enough amazing things about Dr. Babic and Comfydent Smiles.  Dr. Babic was so knowledgeable, caring and she listened to me!  I had a few stains in my smile for as long as I can remember, that Dr. Babic was able to remove, that no other office has been able to do in the past.  Thank you Dr. Babic!!!  She has created a beautiful office with a comfort feel and relaxing environment.  If your looking for a dentist and staff that cares about you and what you want, go to Comfydent Smiles!!

Jill F

Best dentist in the world! I can’t say enough good things about Dr B. She truly cares about her patients. When I go to her office I feel like I’m visiting a friend. I’m a skittish patient and have had way too many dental horror stories – Dr B knows what she’s doing, won’t push you to do extra unnecessary work, is gentle and has an amazing bedside manner. Between the tv, the laughing gas and the massage – I actually look forward to my dental visits! I rarely wait and am always made to feel welcome by her team. I also did Invisalign with her and it was a huge success in a very short time.

Lisa Bee

We love this office!  They are great with adults and also young children (we have 5).  We have never had such caring service.  They gave me a referral for a root canal specialist then called to check up on my experience at that other office.  I’ve never had that happen before and it showed that they really care about my overall dental health.  My husband loves the soft Italian leather chairs and the kids think the TV on the ceiling are totally rad.  They are conveniently located and don’t over schedule their appointments, so we never feel rushed.  5 stars — 100% recommend!  –The Jorgensens

Ava Jorgensen

I used to feel uncomfortable while going to the dentist but Dr. Babic is great! Her whole team makes you feel welcome and not judged plus she has a beautiful new office with all of the latest technology. If you need work she will explain all of the treatments in detail and how much it will cost. I went in for a deep cleaning and now my teeth look a few shades whiter! Can’t recommend enough!

Richard Bastian

Dr Babic and her team are fantastic. They are efficient and caring, while working with you they explain what is going to take place and the expected results in a way that you can fully understand. I am so thankful  that we found them.They are all professional and they seem genuinely concerned with each patient’s well being. Also the office is new and modern ,everything looks amazing! If you don’t believe me go check yourself! 😊

Aleksandra Markovic

Comfort and dentist aren’t two words I ever thought belonged together, until now. From the relaxing facility to the staff, amenities, technology, and processes they use, everything combines to make going to the dentist a stress-free and comfortable experience. Great with adults and children alike. My 6 year old called Comfydent “The best dentist on the planet.”.

Renee Logan

I live in Dallas but drove all the way to be seen by Dr. Babic at Comfydent Smiles. A friend in Austin strongly recommended Dr. Babic. I thought I would have to get a tooth pulled, but she restored it nicely. I can now smile again with confidence. Thank you, Dr. Babic. The long drive was worthwhile. I strongly recommend this office to y’all.

Ilija Tomic

The most amazing experience I have ever had at a dentist.  I have terrible TMJ but Dr. Babic and her assistant made me so incredibly comfortable.  I watched funny video with headphones while I was getting my teeth cleaned.  Almost forgot I was at the dentist.  All I can say is WOW! Life altering experience.

Karen Dixon

Loved everything about this place!!! Where do I start Warm blanket from the dryer, Netflix and earphones, massage chair. Doctor Sonja Babic was conservative with my teeth, and cleaned all the years off since I hadn’t been in a while! Amazing! Loved Kelly being up front and letting me have a choice with prices, so I didn’t have surprises with the bill! I highly recommend!

Afton Potts

Great experience. Can’t believe I’m saying that about going to the dentist. The dentist and her staff are so professional and kind, the office is clean and modern. I had to have an infected tooth pulled and they made sure I didn’t experience any pain. The Dr called the next day to be sure I was ok. They are THE BEST!

Ariel Raab

This place is unlike any dentist’s office I’ve ever been to! I have always hated going to the dentist, but not anymore. Dr. Babic is so kind, professional, and informative. She and her staff go above and beyond to make every patient’s experience as comfortable as possible. Will be recommending to all my friends and family.

Danika Ostrowski

The doctor and her staff are wonderful. Very friendly and it’s obvious that making her guests feel comfortable is her number one priority.  She wants going to the dentist to be pleasant experience, and it sure was!  Thanks team, I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family!

Brenna Smith

This office is so modern and high tech. The staffs here are so friendly and caring. The doctor is so knowledgeable and patience with me as I was so nervous. Thank you for taking care of me and my smile. I highly recommend coming here.

Janice Doan
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